iScout FMH 2014 Tutorial

Step 1.

Load up the iScout FMH 2014 Android App.

Step 2.

File Explore your phone device.

Step 3.

Explore to your internal storage/sd card.

Step 4.

Explore to fmh data folder

Step 5.

Enter the FMH "save_games" folder

Select a saved game. Must be a user saved game and not a hidden save file.

Step 6.

Pop up will confirm the save files manager name and current employment status.

The App will do some integrity checks on the save file. If the save file isn't correct it will close.

Tap OK to continue

Step 7.

Wait for save file to load. Depending on the device will depend on load times.

Once loaded you will be presented with all the players in a list.

Step 8.

(Pro Version) Click a players name will bring up thier data.

Pop up is scrollable to view all data.

Step 9.

(Pro Version) Long press over a players name will allow you to add them to the shortlist.

Back button will close this option.

Step 10.

Pressing the hardware menu button brings up a few options

- (Pro version) Ability to save shortlist. This will save the shortlist in the default location for FMH (user_data) as long as the save was loaded from the fmh_data folder.

- About box.

- Tutorial link.