FMM Scout 2017 Tutorial

Step 1.

Load up the FMM Scout 2017 Android App.

Step 2.

File Explore your phone device.

Step 3.

Enter the FMM "save_games" folder

FMM Scout will attempt to find the default save file location so most of the time you will get to the saves automatically.

Select a saved game. Must be a user saved game and not a hidden save file.

Usually found in mnt>sdcard>Android>data>com.sigames.fmm2017>files>save files.

Step 4.

Clicking the top left burger menu, or sliding the menu out from the left edge of the screen.

Will give you access to "quick load" previously loaded saves (up to 4)

Step 5.

Pop up will confirm the save files manager name and current employment status.

The App will do some integrity checks on the save file. If the save file isn't correct it will close.

Important - Manager name needs to be 3 or characters long.

Tap OK to continue

Step 6.

Wait for save file to load. Depending on the device will depend on load times..

Once loaded you will be presented with all the players in a list.

Step 7.

(Pro Version) Click a players name will bring up thier data.

Pop up is scrollable to view all data.

People faces are linked directly to images within the game!

Back button will close this option.

Step 8.

- (Pro version) Clicking the magnifying glass or clicking the filter button will open up the filters

Step 9.

- (Pro version) Long clicking on a player brings up a sub menu

This allows you to add players to the Scouts Shortlist

This shortlist you can eventually save and then import into FMM Scout

Step 10.

-(Pro version) Swiping the scrren from left to right will show you the shortlist you have created

Players are clickable on the shortlist!

Step 11.

-(Pro version) Use the left 'burger' button to open up the sliding option menu

You can also slide from the edge of the screen

Here you can save your created shortlist before going back into the game.

Step 12.

-(Pro version) FMM Scout will also scan your device for shortlist files that you created in FMM 2017

You can then load these up by clicking them to see how good the players really are

You can add and remove from the shortlist before saving it and reusing it within the game.

Step 13.

-(Pro version) Swiping again from right to left will present the staff data

The staff roles are keyed to match in game. For example P = Physio. S = Scout. AM = Assistant Manager.

Step 14.

-(Pro version) Clicking on a staff within the list will bring up thier data in detail

Step 15.

-(Pro version) Clicking the magnifying glass or the filter button on the staff list

will allow you to filter and find the staff that you need.

Step 16.

The question mark icon open the right sliding menu for general help/information

You can also slide from the edge of the screen to open it.